We Provide Service, Support & Installation of
Kenwood & ICOM Mountaintop Radio Repeaters

ICOM FR5000 Repeater - Buy Direct from Timberline Radio Systems Ltd. Mountaintop Repeaters and Fixed station repeaters provide a stable platform for long-term, long distance coverage using higher than normal power output and fixed station antennas that are usually mounted on a tower, or atop a building. Most common mountaintop repeaters operate from a Sinclair COMSHEL 28-W Buy Sinclair Products from Timberline Radio Systems Ltd.stationary power generator, or solar power, as the case may be. In many instances, mountaintop sites are built in "Out Buildings" or communications shelters, including shipping containers to protect the equipment from the elements.  We also sell communications shelters manufactured by Sinclair.  

At Timberline Radio Systems, we design, build and maintain mountaintop repeaters at facilities throughout Canada, USA and South America.  Call us for help or support with your mountaintop repeater system.  Servicing all makes and model including Kenwood, Icom & Codan/Daniels.  To the right is a photo of a Sinclair ComShel 28-W, Communications shelter used for commercial communications. We provide onsite same day service throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon & Alaska.


Buy the ICOM FR5000 from USD$2295.00

Stable, Flexible and High-Performing Repeater
Icom Install two RF modules in one unit
with optional UR-FR5000/UR-FR6000
Icom IDAS digital mode built-in for future digital migration
Icom 19-inch rack mount and 2U height low profile design
Detects multiple CTCSS and DTCS on a channel
Icom Base station operation with 5 programmable buttons
Icom 12-digit dot matrix display
Icom 32 memory channels
Icom Normal and priority scan setting
Icom 50W output power (at 50% duty operation)
Built-in audio compander
Icom Built-in inversion-type voice scrambler
(UT-109R/UT-110R scrambler optional) BUT PORTABLE VHF REPEATERS

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